Archaeological findings!
In 1995 an urn was found, as well as a fire-place. The urn with food and bronze fragments is C-14 dated ca 500 A.D., the fire-place to 3.300 - 3.600 B.C. Bronze Age carvings on 18 stones.

In 1956 parts of Ales stenar were covered by sand. The sand was removed, but none of the stones were moved from their original positions. Downfallen stones which were erected at the wrong places in 1916: The stemstone NW was originally placed 1,7 metres into the axisline. The foundations for the 7 wrongly erected stones in NW-NNW are 1-1,5 metres outside their current positions, (see sketch). The stone inside the ship was originally placed outside the stemstone NW and just like the small stone (keel stone) on the other side symbolized the prolonging of the keel in front of the stems, (see picture). One stone is missing, no. 14 in the SSW, but the foundation is still there. All the other stones are in their original positions.

The fire-place
The fire-place is situated behind the 3,5 metres high stemstone in NW, i.e. exactly behind the axisline between the two stemstones. The fire-place is C-14 dated as being 5.300 - 5.600 years old, i.e. from the later part of the Stone Age.


© Foto Bob G Lind