Check the stone with the star constellation ”the Swan” (Cygnus): The star constellation ”the Swan” is situated in the Milky Way. According to Greek mythology there lived a people in Scandinavia 2.700 years ago called the ”hyperboreans” (the people of Bore). They worshipped the divine ”sun swan” which was believed to be the sun-god’s messenger. The sun-god’s symbolstone is located next to the stone with the star constellation of ”the Swan”.

The star constellation ”the Dolphin” alternative ”the Lyre”: It is a fact that this carving may depict both the star constellation ”the Dolphin” and ”the Lyre”. On their own and together the star constellations ”the Dolphin” and ”the Lyre” have very close astronomical and mythological relations to the star constellation ”the Swan”. The shape of the carving is also identical to the design of the sunship and to its most important stones where the sun rises and sets at the winter- and summer solstice.

The Dolphin or the Lyre alternatively

The Swan

Check the sun-god’s stone with the sun symbol!
On the tallest and most important stone of the sunship the symbol of the sun has been carved. At the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the sun sets over this stone. According to Nordic myhology the sun-god Heimdall was the guardian of time and sanctuaries (Als). Heimdall lived in the mountains in heaven, next to Bifrost, i.e. the Milky Way. The sun-god’s by-name was Hallinskide, ”the staff leaning towards the north”.

For comparison: The southside of the stemsone is from the middle sculpted exactly 70º towards the north. The leaning angle of the stemstone corresponds exactly to that of the sundial (the staff).