My name is Bob G Lind. I am a scientist and author of the book ”The Sun ship and Ales Stenar”. The last couple of years I have pursued thorough studies in the multidisciplinary subject of archaeoastronomy. See archaeoastronomy.

My most important contribution to archaeoastronomy is my empirical research on the astronomical, geometrical, geographical and mythological meanings of Ales stenar. During three years I studied the astronomical functions of Ales stenar meticulously. From the observationsite

in the center of the stone construction I charted, photo- and filmdocumentated all sunrises and sunsets over the calendarically erected stones. The results are unambiguous and show that Ales stenar has been constructed after the Polar Star and the solar orbit, i.e. for the calendarical calculation of the 365 days of the sun year and the 24 hours of day and night. See Ales stenar.

During my research on Ales stenar I scouted its surroundings and 18 kilometers from this monument I found the forgotten and overgrown ”Stenhed”. Stenhed is a 50 metres long stone formation whose astronomical functions are the same as Ales stenar. See Stenhed.

After Ales stenar and Stenhed I checked the astronomical functions of the well- known megalithic tomb ”the Haväng Dolmen”. The Haväng Dolmen is about 5.000 years old and situated a couple of miles to the north of Stenhed and one can now establish the fact that also this prehistoric monument in Österlen was constructed with the sun as guide. See the Haväng Dolmen.

My empirical studies show that not only Ales stenar, but also Stenhed and the Haväng Dolmen have unique purposes. Scientific evidence shall, when it is of the highest standard, be able to be checked by all people. My research on Ales stenar, Stenhed and the Haväng Dolmen fulfils all these scientific demands.

2020: In two new films, one in Swedish and one in English, it comments well-known Uppsala astronomer Göran Henriksson was the author and researcher of Bob G Lind's new book.
"Ales stenar, en världsattraktion från bronsåldern".

The book ”Solens skepp och Ales stenar”, information brochures or guiding at Ales stenar, Stenhed and the Haväng Dolmen can be requested from boblind50@gmail.com or by phone +46 760-827294, Stjernförlaget, Lagmansgatan 6 E, SE-214 66 Malmö, SWEDEN.